Geofencing: Sporting Events and Concerts

Geofencing: Sporting Events and Concerts

Advertising at an event or concert is expensive.  Each event has it’s own demographic. Geofencing provides marketing opportunities for clients to target their demographic at an and event and retarget them when they leave.

Copley Advertising can tag all the smartphones at any event or concert.  Let’s say that the New York Knicks are playing at Madison Square Garden. We would tag all the smartphones at the game.  An ad can be placed on each phone.  If the users clicks on the ad their ID is placed in a retargeting folder for future marketing. Copley Advertising would capture all the device IDs that received impressions and print out to a Google Sheet. We would reload the ID’s for a future date for a retargeting campaign or even load into a Facebook video/mobile campaign.

Geofencing is highly targeted, and due to the lower CPC, the ROI of each marketing dollar spent is 2x to 5x greater than traditional marketing.  The key to location marketing is that you are reaching your demographic in a set area.  Copley Advertising can break down the demographic for any event before the campaign begins. Copley Advertising can follow a sports team or music act across the country.  

Mobile marketing campaigns launched using mobile geofencing can be automated. The only variables that need to be entered are the location and date/time of the targeted event-goers.  Copley Advertising optimizes the campaign in real time.  We drill down to app placement, creative A/B testing, OS, and SSP networks.  As the campaign continues it becomes effective and efficient.

By mobile geofencing an event you can place offers that will drive ticket holders to your store or restaurant.  “Come after the game and get $5 off!”.   If the client geofences a team during every home game they will train the fans that their destination is a must after each game.  They become an important part of the event’s marketing without paying the huge event markup. This works great for national food chains and bars that have a location near sports stadiums. Reach your customer during the game.

If you look at the crowd during a sporting event or concert you will see a sea of people on their smartphones.  Now imagine for a small marketing budget they are seeing your ad. You didn’t have to pay for the overpriced in-stadium signage.  And you can follow your demographic home and continue to deliver ads to them after the game.

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