Geofencing – Recruitment – Nurses

Geofencing – Recruitment – Nurses

NPR recently reported that John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida was turning to geofencing as a tool to recruit nurses. They’re targeting nurses at rival hospitals (geo-conquesting) and their homes (geotargeting). After years of trying traditional outlets (newspaper, radio, and recruitment firms) John Hopkins decided to go another route.

Guess what.  

“We have invaded their (Nurses) space in which they live and work, so it’s a much better use of our dollars,” the hospital administrator was quoted. “We’re not just throwing out a wide net and seeing who comes through the pipeline.”

Compared to traditional advertising John Hopkins found their recruiting cost has dropped significantly and were seeing three or four calls a week instead of no calls.

Copley Advertising has been using mobile marketing to help clients create an efficient and effective recruiting program that will engage your target audience and build a short term and long term funnel of candidates.

Our program uses:

Geofencing (client’s location)

Geo-conquesting (rival locations)

Geotargeting (where the target candidate works and plays)

Video Ads (effective and allows your story to be seen directly by your candidate)



Landing page (custom landing page with video ad to complete your story)

Taking a large email list and converting the emails to device ID and retarget the IDs.

Incentive programs (leave email and stay in touch with offers, bonuses, and new programs)

With these steps, you will be pinpointing the candidates you are looking for and have their email to further be a resource concerning the job market.  Not only will you have short term candidates but will also have a pool of candidate and you have engaged and are comfortable with you to take your relationship to the next level.

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