Geo-Conquesting for car dealers – Geo-Conquest your competition

Geo-Conquesting for car dealers – Geo-Conquest your competition

The auto dealership industry is similar to any other business. Car dealers aggressively compete against each other to convince potential buyers that the car brands they sell are the best in the industry. You see their ads plastered on billboards and flooding your television screen. Car buyers often enter car dealerships with a strong conviction about the brand they want to purchase. Geofencing provides a means for you to entice these buyers to visit your dealership instead. To ramp up your geofencing program you can geo-conquest your competition.

Geo-conquesting, a common form of geofencing, focuses on generating leads from your competitor’s location. It is the best application of geofencing for car dealers. Luring potential customers away from your competitors in this way typically requires the following steps.

1. Create targeted mobile banner ads. Before mapping out your geofence, you need to carefully think about the message you’re sending. There has to be something in it for the customer. Car buyers are always looking for ways to save a buck because cars are an expensive purchase. Think about possible discounts you can offer. Grouping offers with special giveaways is another strategy that can be used. The aim is to get the buyer to ask, “Do I really want to spend my money here or should I check out one of the vehicles at this other place?”

2. Strategically map out your geofence. There are endless possibilities. However, if you’re using the geo-conquesting approach, your geofence has to surround your competitor’s lot. Anyone who walks or drives into the lot will see your banner ad.

3. Use a specific code for your campaign. Each banner ad should be linked to a coupon code. Using coupon codes helps you keep track of the campaign’s success since buyers won’t be able to access the deal without the code.

Geofencing is a stellar location based marketing strategy that can work wonders for your car dealership. The team at Copley Advertising will help you create a well-defined and structured geofencing campaign. Contact us today. Let’s make magic happen! or 617-651-2249.