How it works

Tag Smartphones

Copley Advertising creates a geofence.  We tag the IDs of all Smartphones in the geofence.

Mobile Ads

Copley Advertising will place ads in Smartphones that have been tagged.  We can drill down to demographic (gender, age) and behavior qualifiers (Doctors, Honda owners).

A/B Testing

Our platform allows for A/B testing of creative, landing pages, locations, OS platform and more.


Copley Advertising has a state of the art granular reporting platform.  Based on real-time analytics we opitmize your campaign by creative, placement and other categories.

Geofencing has transformed how
you will engage your customers

It’s no longer a choice to have mobile advertising in your marketing plan. Mobile geofencing will allow you to reach the exact person you are targeting in a set location and time. Consumers decide to purchase goods or services in a micro-moment. Copley Advertising creates geofence programs that will allow you to speak to your demographic during this critical time. Our years of experience with retargeting, optimization, granular reporting, programmatic, behavior and demographic qualifiers make Copely Advertising a leader in mobile advertising.

Tell us about yourself

Who is your customer?  What product or services do your offer?


Copley Advertising will deliver an analysis on how geofencing will reach your customers.

Marketing Strategy

Geofencing can easily be integrated within your present marketing plans.

Achieve your Goals

Copley Advertising will present a comprehensive mobile advertising plan for your review that will show how geofencing will reach your campaign goals.

What Our Clients Say?


Copley Advertising is a leader
in mobile geofencing

Mobile geofencing capabilities are changing daily.  Copley Advertising will ensure that your campaign will be on the cutting edge of geofencing capabilities.